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REFOND coloured LEDs

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B170 series LEDs manufactured by REFOND are a popular solution, used wherever there is a need for an efficient light source with limited power consumption. An additional advantage is the possibility of using them even in small spaces.

The diodes are made in the form of a single structure (chip) connected to the leads using the “pure gold wire” technology. The material used as a lens is characterized by resistance to temperature and UV radiation – it does not turn yellow with time.

Thanks to their reliability, REFOND LEDs are suitable for many applications, such as backlights, signalling, display arrays, button and switch backlights, audio equipment and many more.

Beam angle 140°
Nominal current 20mA
Operating temperature from 40°C to +85°C
Assembly SMD
Casing 0805
Lens transparent
Symbol Operating voltage [V] Luminous intensity [mcd] Wave length [nm] Colour
RF-BNB170TS-CE 2,8-3,5 90-200 465-475 Blue
RF-GNB170TS-CF 2,8-3,5 260-900 515-530 Green
RF-GSB170TS-BC 1,8-2,4 18-100 560-575 Yellow-green
RF-YUB170TS-AE 1,8-2,4 90-260 585-595 Yellow
RF-RUB170TS-BD 1,8-2,4 20-90 625-640 Red


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