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Wireless CODEGRIP for ARM debugger/programmer

Wireless CODEGRIP for ARM debugger/programmer
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TME’s range of products now includes an advanced, universal CODEGRIP for ARM debugger/programmer by MIKROELEKTRONIKA.

A unique feature of CODEGRIP is its capacity for wireless WiFi communication between the user and the device. The device can also be connected to a computer using a USB-C cable (a USB-A to USB-C adapter is included).

Main features:

  • supports ARM Cortex-M0, -M3, -M4 and -M7 based MCUs,
  • supports 1600+ microcontrollers (STM32, Kinetis, Tiva, CEC, MSP families),
  • wired / wireless connection with your computer,
  • advanced debugging functions,
  • supply voltage monitoring,
  • standard JTAG/SWD connector,
  • external Wi-Fi antenna,
  • software update.

The programmer can be operated from the computer via the CODEGRIP Suite environment. Wireless connection to the device requires purchase and activation of an additional license through the manufacturer's website.

Universal CODEGRIP for ARM debugger/programmer is complemented by the dedicated equipment for STM32 / Kinetis / Tiva families only.

Symbol Description
MIKROE-3460 Programmer: microcontrollers; ARM; USB, WiFi; JTAG, USB C
MIKROE-3461 Programmer: microcontrollers; STM32; USB, WiFi; JTAG, USB C
MIKROE-3462 Programmer: microcontrollers; Kinetis; USB, WiFi; JTAG, USB C
MIKROE-3463 Programmer: microcontrollers; TIVA; USB, WiFi; JTAG, USB C

Discover the full offer of CODEGRIP for ARM programmers manufactured by MIKROELEKTRONIKA available at TME.


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