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AC/DC converters with an IEC connector from RECOM

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RAC05-05SK_C14 When designing compact devices, choosing the right power source often proves challenging. Usually, engineers want their power supply units to be small, but their parameters are still an important consideration.

These 5W AC/DC converters from RECOM feature a standard IEC C14 connector. They also have an integrated suppression filter, which greatly reduces the costs of implementing a power supply as well as its size. Furthermore, their output terminals are protected against short circuits, overload and overvoltage.

These RECOM converters offer 5 output voltages: 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 15V, and 24VDC. Thus, they are perfect for powering typical IoT system applications, embedded system applications (e.g. based on Arduino), and single board computers (Banana Pi, etc.).

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Converter type AC/DC
Supply voltage 85–264VAC / 120–370VDC
Efficiency 76–84%
Isolation voltage 3kVAC
Operating temperature from -25⁰C to +70⁰C

Symbol: Description:
RAC05-05SK/C14 Converter: AC/DC; 5W; Output voltage: 5VDC; Output current: 1A; 80%; Mounting: on panel
RAC05-12SK/C14 Converter: AC/DC; 5W; Output voltage: 12VDC; Output current: 420mA; 81%; 85÷264VAC
RAC05-15SK/C14 Converter: AC/DC; 5W; Output voltage: 15VDC; Output current: 333mA; 81%; 85÷264VAC
RAC05-24SK/C14 Converter: AC/DC; 5W; Output voltage: 24VDC; Output current: 210mA; 84%; 85÷264VAC
RAC05-3.3SK/C14 Converter: AC/DC; 5W; Output voltage: 3.3VDC; Output current: 1.51A; 76%; 85÷264VAC


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