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3D TLC industrial memory card


The microSD SDU16GC3GRB-TSH is an industrial memory card from the GOODRAM Industrial series characterized by a very good quality/price ratio. This ensures high reliability and stability.

High-quality NAND type, 3D TLC BiCS Kioxia chip provides up to 3,000 cycles of programming and erasing the entire card capacity. Thanks to effective ECC algorithms, the cards achieve a Class 10 UHS write speed. This means smooth operation even in applications that require fast data transfer.

The card operates in a stable manner in the temperature range from 0°C to 70°C and has a capacity of 16GB.

3D TLC industrial memory card

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Type of card: 3D TLC, SD Micro
Memory capacity: 16GB
Speed class: Class 10
Operating temperature: from 0°C to 70°C
Weight: 0.247g

Our offer also includes cards based on NAND FLASH SLC planar technology, which ensures the highest data integrity (up to 80,000 P/E cycles) of all available NAND technologies.

Symbol Description
SDU16GC3GRB-TSH Memory card;industrial;3D TLC,SD Micro;16GB;Class 10
SDC2GDSGRB Memory card;industrial;SD,SLC;2GB;Class 10;-40÷85°C
CF16GDSGRB Memory card;industrial;Compact Flash,SLC;16GB;-40÷85°C
CF2GDSGRB Memory card;industrial;Compact Flash,SLC;2GB;-40÷85°C
CF4GCSGRB Memory card;industrial;Compact Flash,SLC;4GB;0÷70°C
SDU256MGSGRB Memory card;industrial;SD Micro,SLC;256MB;-25÷85°C


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