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Current source LED power supply with Bluetooth



LCM-BL is a series of current source LED power supplies with Casambi Bluetooth communication protocol. It allows for remote turning on/off and dimming of lightning with the use of devices with Android or iOS. Drivers are available in a DC version, with output current set with DIP-Switch. LCM-BL power supplies can be connected to a network up to 10 devices, at the same time, increasing the power of the entire system.

The power supplies will find wide applications in indoor lighting (offices, shops, architectural lightning). Thanks to the built-in anti-flicker system, these products can be used in all facilities where CCTV is used.

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Below you can watch tutorial video provided by the manufacturer. It shows a complete driver installation and configuration process MEAN WELL.

Type of power supply: LED
Power: 25W, 40W, 60W
Output current: 350...1050mA or 500...1400mA
Reliability: <91%

Symbol: Description:
LCM-25BLE Power supply:switched-mode;communication:Bluetooth 4.0;LED;25,2W;IP20
LCM-40BLE Power supply:switched-mode;communication:Bluetooth 4.0;LED;42W;IP20
LCM-60BLE Power supply:switched-mode;communication:Bluetooth 4.0;LED;60,3W;IP20


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