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SPECTACLE - modules for creative makers

SPECTACLE - modules for creative makers

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TME's offer has been enriched by the latest series of modules from a popular manufacturer - SPARKFUN ELECTRONICS INC.

SPECTACLE is a module kit designed with creative makers in mind. Thanks to it, its users (e.g. artists) may easily enrich their works by introducing sensors and actuators (motors, servos, lighting, speakers). You don't need to know electronics or how to program to be able to use the SPECTACLE series products.

The SPECTACLE platform comprises the following modules:

  • SF-DEV-13912 - a programmable controller of the other boards;
  • SF-DEV-14034 - an audio module that allows you to play sounds from a microSD card;
  • SF-DEV-14052 - a LED driver for controlling addressable RGB LEDs;
  • SF-DEV-13993 - a servo driver;
  • SF-DEV-13992 - a movement and position sensor module;
  • SF-DEV-14044 - an input module that allows for connecting 8 buttons/switches.

All board to board connections are made using audio wires (jack-jack), which protects the SPECTACLE boards from damage, as improper connection is impossible. You also don't need to know any programming language to be able to program the platform. To configure the desired operation of the modules, you set it up using a web interface accessible via a browser.

TME's offer includes SPECTACLE boards and wires.

Check out the SPECTACLE products in TME's offer.


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