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Tool cases and tool boxes from PARAT

Tool cases and tool boxes from PARAT

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New PARAT products are now available at TME. These products are tool cases, tool bags, and tool boxes.

One of the most interesting items are cases made of durable ABS with high resistance to mechanical damage. Some of these models feature wheels and a retractable handle for pulling.

Also available are tool bags made of plastic with reinforced metal corners. A magnetic lock facilitates their use. A torch can also be attached to illuminate the working area.

Symbol Description
PAR-589570171 Suitcase: tool case on wheels; X-ABS; 35 l
PAR-535500171 Suitcase: tool case on wheels; 490 x 250 x 400 mm; X-ABS; 33 l
PAR-489570171 Suitcase: tool case on wheels; X-ABS; 35 l
PAR-485040171 Suitcase: tool case; 480 x190 x 330 mm; X-ABS; 26 l
PAR-432000171 Suitcase: tool case; 465 x 170 x 310 mm; ABS; 25 l; Series: silver
PAR-30260399 Bag: toolbag; 260 x 140 x 300 mm; 10 l; Series: Paracurv


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