New soldering tools from Weller in TME’s offer

New soldering tools from Weller in TME’s offer

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TME’s offer has been enriched by a new line of soldering tools from WELLER – the WT series:

  • WEL.WT1 and WEL.WT1H soldering stations,
  • WEL.WTP90 soldering iron,
  • WEL.WTHA1 hot air soldering station.

The WT line of the WELLER soldering stations includes modern soldering devices manufactured using the microprocessor technology. They guarantee excellent stability and temperature accuracy with high heat efficiency. Thanks to a large, clear LCD display, users can view all station parameters in the form of a bargraph or in a digital format.

Parameters of soldering stations:

Symbol Power Dimensions Weight Temperature Temperature
[W] [mm] [kg] accuracy stability
WEL.WT1 95 150 x 130 x 101 1.9 ±9°C ±17°C
WEL.WT1H 150 150 x 130 x 101 3.0 ±2°C ±4°C
Properties of soldering stations:

  • heating process control with the use of a microprocessor,
  • large, multifunctional LCD display with regulated brightness,
  • compatibility with the WD/WSD family of soldering irons,
  • the possibility of connecting the station with the Weller Zero-Smog® fume extraction unit (WEL.ZEROSMOG2-KIT1),
  • potential equalisation socket,
  • manufactured with the use of ESD-safe technology.

Functions of soldering stations:

  • new, intuitive MENU,
  • sleep time adjustment,
  • sleep temperature adjustment,
  • temperature calibration,
  • temperature display in °C/°F,
  • parameter change lock.

The WEL.WT1 / WEL.WT1H soldering stations are also available as a part of soldering kits with accessories for soldering (station, soldering iron, and base).

The Weller WEL.WTP90 soldering iron was designed for working with the new WT line of Weller soldering stations. The increased heating power of 90W ensures even faster heating of the tip and improves heating efficiency, which is especially important when soldering large electronic components. In addition, the soldering iron is compatible with the new WEL.THM tips designed for soldering components of very high thermal capacity.

Parameters of the soldering iron:

Power 90W
Supply voltage 24V
Temperature range 50°C - 450°C
Dedicated tips WEL.XNT-xx series
Heating time approx. 5s to 350°C
The WEL.WTHA1 hot air soldering station from Weller is a tool for repairing, creating prototypes, and manufacturing electronic equipment. Due to high power and strong, adjustable air flow, the WEL.WTHA1 station can be used for soldering components with high thermal capacity, including surface-mount BGA packages. Furthermore, the station was manufactured with the use of ESD-safe technology, and it allows using both leaded and lead-free solder.
The WEL.WTHA1 station is complaint with the new series of hot air pencils: with straight nozzles (WEL.TNR) with the diameters of 2.5mm, 4mm, or 7mm, and angular (WEL.TNRB) with the diameters of 1.7mm or 6mm, and the angle of 45°.

Parameters of the hot air soldering station:

Power 900W
Air temperature range 50°C-600°C
Air flow max 100 l/min
Dimensions 212 x 167 x 122 mm

Properties of hot air soldering stations:

  • the cable connecting the station and the air pencil resistant to high temperatures,
  • large, multifunctional LCD display with regulated brightness,
  • memory for up to 5 temperature profiles (temperature/air flow/time),
  • control button located on the soldering handle,
  • dual-sensor temperature adjustment system,
  • the hot air pencil can be mounted on the left or right side.

Symbol Description
WEL.WTP90 Soldering iron; w/ heating elem.; for WEL.WT1, for WEL.WT1H; 90W
WEL.WT1 Control unit; Digital; ESD; 95W; Display: LCD; Channels: 1
WEL.WT1H Control unit; Digital; ESD; 150W; Display: LCD; Channels: 1
WEL.WT1010SET Soldering station; Digital; ESD; 95W; 50÷450°C; Display: LCD
WEL.WT1012SET Soldering station; Digital; ESD; 95W; 50÷450°C; Display: LCD
WEL.WT1013SET Soldering station; Digital; ESD; 95W; 50÷450°C; Display: LCD
WEL.WT1014SET Soldering station; Digital; ESD; 95W; 50÷450°C; Display: LCD
WEL.WT1010HSET Soldering station; Digital; ESD; 150W; 50÷550°C; Display: LCD
WEL.WT1011HSET Soldering station; Digital; ESD; 50÷550°C; Display: LCD
WEL.WTHA1 Hot air soldering station; Digital; ESD; 900W; 50÷600°C


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