IRM-03 series miniature AC/DC converters from MEAN WELL

IRM-03 series miniature AC/DC  converters from MEAN WELL

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TME’s offer now includes new IRM-03 series converters from MEAN WELL. They supplement IRM series that has been continuously further developed, and is available for both THT and SMD mounting.
IRM-03 converters are characterized by small dimensions (37x24x15mm) and very low no load power consumption of <0.075W. Thanks to these advantages, it is possible to decrease application sizes, and follow strict standards regarding power consumption.
IRM-03 series converters (similarly to converters from other IRM series) are meant to work in harsh environmental conditions. Their working temperature extends from -30°C to +85°C. Their enclosure is made of a flame retardant material compliant with the UL94V-0 standard. Tight enclosure protects the electronic components against dust and moisture.
IRM-03 series converters operate within input voltage range from 85 to 305VAC, whereas output voltage depends on a particular model, and can be 3.3, 5, 9, 12, 15 or 24VDC. Furthermore, the converters are protected against short circuit, overload, and over voltage.

Symbol Power Out. Voltage Out. Current Efficiency Mounting
[W] [VDC] [mA] [%]
IRM-03-3.3 3 3.3 900 68 THT
IRM-03-3.3S 3 3.3 900 68 SMD
IRM-03-5 3 5 600 72 THT
IRM-03-5S 3 5 600 72 SMD
IRM-03-9 3 9 333 77 THT
IRM-03-9S 3 9 333 77 SMD
IRM-03-12 3 12 250 78 THT
IRM-03-12S 3 12 250 78 SMD
IRM-03-15 3 15 200 78 THT
IRM-03-15S 3 15 200 78 SMD
IRM-03-24 3 24 125 80 THT
IRM-03-24S 3 24 125 80 SMD


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