New STEGO’s filter fans with PLUS filter to control and switch cabinets

New STEGO’s filter fans with PLUS filter to control and switch cabinets

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New STEGO’s filter fans have been added to TME’s offer. Optimum use of space in enclosures containing electrical or electronic components as well as in control and switch cabinets is extremely important. In modern control cabinets there are a lot of devices what consequently leads to a rise in temperature. High temperature inside the enclosure may result in failure or cause damage. Thanks to using state-of-the-art STEGO’s products you can be sure that different types of sensitive components are protected from overheating and failures.

Two highly-efficient cooling systems
Filter fans with PLUS filter are equipped with new gravity flaps designed by STEGO. They are intended to improve air tightness, ensure a better airflow and greater security. These filter fans are used in two highly-efficient cooling systems thanks to which it is possible to obtain a tailor-made combination.

FPI SYSTEM – Direction of air stream forced to the inside (IN)
This is a more common solution that is aimed at blowing air from the outside. Fans with filters and filter mats are mounted in the lower part of enclosures. Cool air is pressed through a hole in the lower part of a cabinet and warm air is taken away through a ventilation grid placed in the upper part of the enclosure. Thanks to the use of new gravity flaps, which ensure efficient air exhaust, warm air is extracted from the enclosure more efficiently.

FPO SYSTEM – Direction of air stream forced to the outside (OUT)
If it is necessary to carry away the heat accumulated in the upper part of the enclosure, it is recommended to use a more efficient warm air evacuation system. For this purpose, filter fans with gravity flaps should be placed in the upper part of the enclosure. It will allow faster warm air evacuation from critical area. An air inlet grille with filter a mat should then be installed in the lower part of the enclosure in order to enable the supply of cooling air from the outside.

Fan Ventilation grid Dimensions (mounting frame) System
01870.0-30 11870.0-00 92 x 92mm FPI
01871.0-30 11871.0-00 124 x 124mm FPI
01872.0-30 11872.0-00 176 x 176mm FPI
01873.0-30 11873.0-00 223 x 223mm FPI
01874.0-30 11874.0-00 291 x 291mm FPI
01880.0-00 11880.0-30 92 x 92mm FPO
01881.0-00 11881.0-30 124 x 124mm FPO
01882.0-00 11882.0-30 176 x 176mm FPO
01883.0-00 11883.0-30 223 x 223mm FPO
01884.0-00 11884.0-30 291 x 291mm FPO


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