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Arty Z7-20 from Digilent – a development kit for Xilinx FPGA

Arty Z7-20 from Digilent – a development kit for Xilinx FPGA

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The Arty Z7-20 development kit from DIGILENT is designed for Zynq-7000 family of AP SoC (All Programmable SoC) ICs from Xilinx.

The Zync-7000 IC combines an ARM-based processor and programmable logic of FPGA array, which ensures particularly high efficiency of data stream processing. Arty Z7-20 facilitates and shortens the app designing process using these chips. Besides the board itself, the manufacturer also offers materials for exploring the topic. Additionally, the board features Arduino (x1) and Pmod (x2) standard expansion sockets.

The Arty Z7-20 development kit is addressed to students, hobbyists, and engineers wanting to quickly learn new, efficient methods of signal processing, analyzing, etc.

Microcontroller Dual ARM Cortex A9
LUT size 53200
I/O pins 49
Interfaces USB, UART, SPI, QUAD SPI, JTAG, I2C, GPIO, Ethernet, HDMI
Symbol Description
410-346-20 Dev. kit: Xilinx; I/O lines on pin header connectors


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