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Ultrafast rectifier diodes from Diotec Semiconductor

Ultrafast rectifier diodes from Diotec Semiconductor

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TME's offer has been enriched by a family of ultrafast FExx series rectifier diodes from German manufacturer DIOTEC SEMICONDUCTOR.

They are characterised by an extremely low trr value (reverse recovery time) of below 50ns, which makes them a perfect choice for fast signal switching, or to be used as rectifiers in high-frequency circuits.

Max junction temperature Tjmax 175°C
Reverse recovery time trr < 50ns
Mounting THT
Factory package Ammo Pack
Symbol Forward current Reverse voltage Package
FE1A-DIO 1 50 DO15
FE1B-DIO 1 100 DO15
FE1D-DIO 1 200 DO15
FE1G-DIO 1 400 DO15
FE2A-DIO 2 50 DO15
FE2B-DIO 2 100 DO15
FE2D-DIO 2 200 DO15
FE2G-DIO 2 400 DO15
FE3A-DIO 3 50 DO201
FE3B-DIO 3 100 DO201
FE3D-DIO 3 200 DO201
FE3G-DIO 3 400 DO201
FE6A-DIO 6 50 P600
FE6B-DIO 6 100 P600
FE6D-DIO 6 200 P600
FE6F-DIO 6 300 P600
FE6G-DIO 6 400 P600


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