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USB C adapters from QOLTEC

USB C adapters from QOLTEC

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QOLTEC adapters feature a USB C 3.1 port, making them the perfect solution for users of latest USB devices. Thanks to a variety of output ports – HDMI, VGA (D-Sub 15pin HD), DisplayPort – these devices can support virtually all the most popular image and sound transmission standards and can easily be connected to tablets, laptops, projectors or TVs.

These small adapters have an 18–20 cm connecting cable. Their aluminium case gives them original, modern look. They are Plug&Play devices, so they don’t require any special drivers. All of those features make them perfect choice for travel and everyday use.

Symbol Description
QOLTEC-50427 Adapter; USB 3.1; HDMI port, USB C port; 182 mm
QOLTEC-50428 Adapter; USB 3.1; D-Sub 15pin HD port, USB C port; 185 mm
QOLTEC-50429 Adapter; USB 3.1; DisplayPort, USB C port; 200 mm


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