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We would like to announce that Transfer Multisort Elektronik has entered into co-operation in the field of distribution with GIGADEVICE. Founded in 2005, GIGADEVICE is a Chinese fabless company and a leading manufacturer of non-volatile memories (NVMs) and CortexTM-M3 ARM microcontrollers.
GIGADEVICE products available at TME:- fast, low-power NOR Flash memories with serial interface. The capacity ranges from 512kbit to 256Mbit with supply voltage of 1.8/2.5/3.0VDC. The chips are clocked at 80-133MHz and communicate via SPI, Dual I/O or Quad I/O interface, depending on the type. NOR Flash memories can be found in all types of applications and devices on the market.

  • NAND Flash memories with serial interface. The capacity ranges from 1Gbit to 4Gbit with supply voltage of 1.8/3.0VDC. The chips are clocked at 120MHz and use SPI or Quad I/O interface. NAND Flash memories are used in mobile devices (smartphones), memory cards, Set-Top-Box devices, etc.

All memories come in SMD packages and work in the industrial temperature range (-40 +85°C).
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