MT90-MF complete connector

MT90-MF complete connector

TME's offer features a complete high current connector with wire covers. It can be used as power connector in electric motorcycle controllers, as well as a connection terminal in electric bicycles. It is characterised by low resistance and reliable connection. It becomes a popular connector among hobbyists. The set includes: 1 male connector, 1 female connector, and two wire covers.


Connector type: male + female
Constant contact load: 80A
Pulsed contact load: 120A
Constant signal contact load: 15A
Pulsed signal contact load: 30A
Number of cycles: 1,000
Rated voltage: 400 V DC
Recommended wire: 7AWG/10 mm2
Wire mounting: soldered
Recommended application: motors/regulators
Contact material: gold-plated brass
Operating temperature: -10 to +180°C
Overall length w/ covers: 60 mm
Width: 13 mm
Height: 29.7 mm
Symbol Description
MT90-MF Plug; DC power; MT90; male + female; PIN: 6; for cable


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