Flat TKD crane, conveyor & lift cables

Flat TKD crane, conveyor  and  lift cables

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Flat TKD cables are used as control and power cables in movable gantry cranes, lifts, elevators and other transporting devices. They are covered with black PVC insulation and have parallel cores. TKD cables with the cross-section of up to 1 mm2 are compliant with the H05VVH6-F norm, whereas those with the cross-section of 1,5 mm2 - with the H07VVH6-F norm. In the cables with 5 or fewer cores, the cores have different colours. Cables with more than 5 cores have black cores with white numbers and a green/yellow protective conductor. The voltage rating of H05VVH6-F-compliant cables is U0/U – 300/500V, and their operating temperature range is -5°C-60°C. The voltage rating of H07VVH6-F-compliant cables is U0/U – 450/750 and they can operate in the temperature range of -20°C-60°C. All TKD crane, conveyor and lift cables available at TME are flat cables with a much smaller bend radius when compared to round cables. They can be used in dry, damp and wet spaces.

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