DSEI60 rectifier diodes from IXYS

DSEI60 rectifier diodes from IXYS
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Universal IXYS fast recovery (35ns) rectifier diodes are made using FRED (Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diode) technology. Their main features include high performance, low switching losses, low noise and interference, while their operating temperature ranges from -40°C to +150°C.

They are widely used in high frequency switching applications, as safety diodes, rectifier diodes in switched-mode power supplies and UPSs, inductive load control, etc.

Symbol Description
DSEI60-02A Diode: rectifier; THT; 200V; 69A; Packaging: tube; TO-247AD; 35ns
DSEI60-06A Diode: rectifier; THT; 600V; 60A; Packaging: tube; TO-247AD; 35ns
DSEI60-10A Diode: rectifier; THT; 1kV; 60A; Packaging: tube; TO-247AD; 35ns
DSEI60-12A Diode: rectifier; THT; 1,2kV; 52A; Packaging: tube; TO-247AD; 35ns


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