SUNON PMD2412PMB1A axial fan

SUNON PMD2412PMB1A axial fan
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As one of the largest electronic component distributors in Europe, TME offers a wide range of products from SUNON.

One product especially worth noting is the PMD2412PMB1A axial fan with supply voltage of 24V DC, which finds wide application in electronics. This model is based on a brushless DC motor. Due to the use of ball bearings, its longevity is noticeably extended. The fan dimensions are 120x120x38 mm, and the rotor and enclosure are made of thermoplastic. Another advantage provided by this model from SUNON is the autorestart function, thanks to which the fan is restarted after eliminating the cause of fan blockage. High quality production ensures that the PMD2412PMB1A fan is durable, efficient, and dependable in cooling various circuits.

Symbol Description
PMD2412PMB1A Fan: DC; axial; 24VDC; 120x120x38mm; 322.8m3/h; 54dBA


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