Reinforced FLRYW-B cables by BQ Cable

Reinforced FLRYW-B cables by BQ Cable
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FLRYW-B cables are an improved version of FLRY-B cables manufactured by BQ CABLE. Thanks to the use of reinforced insulation, these cables are able to operate at higher temperatures of up to 125°C, while maintaining all the properties of FLRY-B cables. They are single-core, low-voltage cables used in car installations. FLRYW-B cables are made of copper, multi-stranded and flexible conductors and are fitted with a PVC insulation. They operate at 60V.

TME offer includes FLRYW-B cables with cross section from 0.35mm2 to 2.5mm2. They are available in many insulation colors, for easier identification in operating conditions. FLRYW-B cables are sold in 100m reels.


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