Programmable RGB LEDs by LITEON

Programmable RGB LEDs by LITEON
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Programmable RGB LEDs offered by LITEON are a combination of an integrated LED driver and RGB light emitting structures in a single, miniature housing. With this design, the philosophy of controlling such an RGB LED is completely different.

The entire structure of the RGB LED and driver is contained in standard SMD housings (e.g. PLCC4 3528). The difference is in the functions of electrical pins – in the classic RGB diode there is one common pin (anode or cathode) and one control pin for each of the RGB colors. Programmable LEDs are fitted with two pins for power supply (5V) and two pins for digital data transmission (input and output). The built-in driver is digitally controlled and after receiving the appropriate series of logic signals (address and data), it allows you to choose both the color and brightness of the LED.

Moreover, in a series circuit of programmable RGB LEDs, diodes can still be controlled individually – each LED in the circuit can have its own independent intensity and color. In order to take full advantage of the unique capabilities of these elements, you can control them with the use of microcontrollers, Arduino or other serial communication systems.

Programmable RGB LEDs manufactured by LITEON are widely used in decorative and advertising lighting (modules, strips), backlighting, as well as signaling in telecommunications and consumer electronics. They are particularly well suited for displaying variable message signs (symbols or colors) and for the construction of large-format image displays.

Symbol: Description:
LTST-E563CEGBW LED; SMD; 5050,PLCC4; RGB; 5,4x5x1,57mm; 120°; 4,5÷5,5V
LTST-E683CEGBK LED; SMD; 3528,PLCC4; RGB; 3,5x2,8x1,9mm; 120°; λd red: 617÷630nm
LTST-A683CEGBW LED; SMD; PLCC4; RGB; 6,2x2,2x1,9mm; 120°; 4,5÷5,5V
LTST-416CEGBW LED; SMD; PLCC6,4517; RGB; 4,5x1,7x1,6mm; 120°; 3,8÷5,5V; 19mA


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