CSS 014 series of temperature and humidity transducers

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CSS 014 series of temperature and humidity transducers is a new solution offered by STEGO.

They are mostly applied for monitoring environmental conditions in control cabinets. CSS 014 transducer records temperature and humidity values and then converts the measured values into a 4-20mA current signal or IO-Link digital signal (depending on the version), which can be used e.g. by a PLC or another control unit. The transducers are mounted on a standard DIN rail, but thanks to the mounting holes they can also be screwed in any place in the control cabinet. The CSS 014 series is equipped with the M12 4-pin male connector (A-coding), which is very popular in automation and can be found in numerous sensors.


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Symbol: Description:
01411.2-00 Transducer: temperature and humidity; ±3%; 18÷30VDC; IO-Link
01420.2-00 Transducer: temperature and humidity; ±4%; 12÷30VDC; 4-20mA


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