IQD miniature crystal oscillators, SMD

IQD miniature crystal oscillators, SMD

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Miniature crystal oscillators CFPS-9 series operate with the voltage of 3,3 V and are characterized with low current consumption which is maximum 20 mA.
Hermetically sealed in ceramic 5,2x3,4 mm enclosures are characterized with high long-term stability (±3 ppm during the first year of operation). They are resistant to mechanical shocks up to 1000 g and operating temperatures from -40° to 85°C.
They have been designed for battery devices with components high packing density.

Generator type crystal
Mounting SMD
Operating voltage 3,3V
Frequency stability ±50ppm
Operating temperature -40°...85°C
Pulse symmetry 40/60%
Output load type 15pF, CMOS
Generators features fitted with disabling function (high impedance state)
Symbol Description
CFPS-9-10M Oscillator: crystal; 10MHz; SMD; 3,3V; ±50ppm; -40÷85°C
CFPS-9-12M Oscillator: crystal; 12MHz; SMD; 3,3V; ±50ppm; -40÷85°C
CFPS-9-24M Oscillator: crystal; 24MHz; SMD; 3,3V; ±50ppm; -40÷85°C
CFPS-9-32M Oscillator: crystal; 32MHz; SMD; 3,3V; ±50ppm; -40÷85°C
CFPS-9-40M Oscillator: crystal; 40MHz; SMD; 3,3V; ±50ppm; -40÷85°C
CFPS-9-4M Oscillator: crystal; 4MHz; SMD; 3,3V; ±50ppm; -40÷85°C
CFPS-9-50M Oscillator: crystal; 50MHz; SMD; 3,3V; ±50ppm; -40÷85°C
CFPS-9-6M Oscillator: crystal; 6MHz; SMD; 3,3V; ±50ppm; -40÷85°C


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