Concentric cable TAS-RG58CU Tasker

Concentric cable TAS-RG58CU Tasker

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TAS-RG58CU of the renowned Italian manufacturer- TASKER, is a good quality concentric cable, dedicated to the transmission of radio frequency signals. Thanks to the use of high quality cords and shielding (with tin-plated oxygen free copper - 98% coverage) a low resistance of wires and high attenuation coefficient of the screen was achieved.

A small screen-cable capacity, amounting to 100 pF, in combination with the above mentioned cable properties make these cables suitable for use in all branches of high frequency transmission technique, particularly in the computer industry, electronics industry, in the installation of transmitting and receiving systems, and can be successfully used in CB radio systems.

Wave impedance 50Ω
Wire impedance 40Ω/km
Screen cable capacity 100pF/m
Rated voltage 2000V
Working temperature -15ºC ÷ 70ºC
Insulation colour black
Insulation material PVC
Symbol Description
TAS-RG58CU Cable: concentric; RG58CU; 1x50Ω; cord; OFC; PVC; black; 100m


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