Proffuse fuse sets

Proffuse fuse sets

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TME offer includes now new sets of popular fuses by PROFFUSE, which consist of a whole series of fuses used in automotive installations.
They are available in mini, uni and maxi sizes in various combinations suitable for each user.
The PF-INLINE-SET includes sockets for cable for standard uni fuses in size 19 mm and is used in securing additional circuits.

Each set is housed in a handy and durable box package.

Symbol Description
PF-MINI-SET Set content: fuses; miniature; 11.9 mm; 32V; Number of values: 8
PF-MIX-SET Set content: fuses; miniature; 11.9mm, 19mm, 29mm; Number of values: 24
PF-UNI-SET Set content: fuses; miniature; 19mm; 32V; Number of values: 8
PF-INLINE-SET Fuse accessories: socket; Value ranges: 14-16 AWG, 18-22 AWG; 12pcs.


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