MC30150V1-A99 Axial Fan from SUNON

MC30150V1-A99 Axial Fan from SUNON

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The MC30150V1-A99 axial fan from SUNON is equipped with brushless DC motor that minimises power consumption and increases unit efficiency. Its construction is based on innovative, proprietary, Vapo magnetic bearing patented by SUNON. Its main advantages are: long life, the ability to work in any position, and resistance to dust and vibrations. The fan also enables Autorestart, which protects the motor by cutting off power supply from the winding when the rotor is blocked during operation

Manufacturer SUNON
Fan type DC
Fan kind axial
Supply voltage 5V DC
Fan dimensions 30x30x15 mm
Power consumption 0.57 W
Rated current 0.114 A
Fan efficiency 10.19 m3/h
Noise level 27 dBA
Bearing type Vapo
Rotational speed 8,500 (±20%) rpm
Weight 13.5 g
Insulation class A
Working temperature -10...70°C
Leads 2 leads
Static pressure 4.32 mm H2O
Fan motor brushless DC motor
Additional features Autorestart
Symbol Description
MC30150V1-A99 Fan: DC; axial; 5VDC; 30x30x15mm; 10.19m3/h; 27dBA; Vapo


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