Decorative LEDs from Optosupply

Decorative LEDs from Optosupply

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A series of LED diodes designed for through-hole assembly, with specially shaped “Diamond” or “Rocket” lens. These lenses create unique lighting effects without any additional light distracting and light shaping elements.


  • decorations,
  • games and toys,
  • banner ads,
  • small area illumination,
  • Christmas illuminations, etc.

Assembly: THT
LED lens: clear
Symbol Description
OSG5DAEDD1A LED; 4.85mm; green; 1560-2180mcd; 2.9÷3.6V; Series: Diamond
OSB5SAEDD1A LED; 4.85mm; blue; 500-750mcd; 2.9÷3.6V; Series: Diamond
OSK5DKEDD1A LED; 4.85mm; pink; 500-750mcd; 2.9÷3.6V; Series: Diamond
OSW5DKEDD1A LED; 4.85mm; cool white; 1560-2180mcd; 2.9÷3.6V; Series: Diamond
OSR5RUEDD1A LED; 4.85mm; red; 750-1120mcd; 1.8÷2.6V; Series: Diamond
OSY5RUEDD1A LED; 4.85mm; yellow; 750-1120mcd; 1.8÷2.6V; Series: Diamond
OSER5AA1B LED; 5mm; red; 1120-1560mcd; 100°; Series: Rocket
OSEY5AA1B LED; 5mm; yellow; 1120-2180mcd; 100°; Series: Rocket
OSPG5AA1B LED; 5mm; green; 1560-3000mcd; 100°; Series: Rocket
OSPW5AA1B LED; 5mm; cool white; 1560-3000mcd; 100°; Series: Rocket
OSUB5AA1B LED; 5mm; blue; 1120-2180mcd; 100°; Series: Rocket


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