RM85 series inrush relays from Relpol

RM85 series inrush relays from Relpol

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Inrush RM85 series relays are designed for assembly in plug-in sockets or for soldering directly in printed circuits. They were designed to connect and disconnect brief heavy loads, up to 80 A for 20 ms. AgSnO2 contacts ensure higher than standard temperature resistance and material migration at similar costs. The relays can be used for controlling lighting, engine operation, electromagnetic valves, and in other applications. It is not recommended to use the relays in circuits with negligible loads.

Relay type electromagnetic
version inrush
Rated coil voltage 5V, 12V, 24V, 48V DC
Rated current 16 A
Impulse current (20 ms) 80 A
Contact configuration SPST NO
Insulation endurance 5000 V AC
Coil power consumption 480 mW
Operating temperature -40...85°C
Mounting PCB
Symbol Description
RM85-5021-25-1005 Relay: electromagnetic; SPST-NO; Ucoil :5VDC
RM85-5021-25-1012 Relay: electromagnetic; SPST-NO; Ucoil :12VDC
RM85-5021-25-1024 Relay: electromagnetic; SPST-NO; Ucoil :24VDC
RM85-5021-25-1048 Relay: electromagnetic; SPST-NO; Ucoil :48VDC


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