High Current HCR150 series Relays from TE Connectivity

High Current HCR150 series Relays from TE Connectivity

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TME’s offer includes the HCR150 series relays for connecting high loads, up to 130A in continuous operation mode, and impulse current of up to 300A (max. 3s). Their resistance to high temperatures (from -40°C to +125°C), moisture, and vibrations make them a good fit for applications in automotive industry, such as engine control, triggering glow plugs, controlling loading ramps, and other "heavy" start-up systems. Available with various contact configurations, as well as various sealing classes.

Symbol Contact conf. Rated coil voltage Coil resistance Rated coil power Sealing
[V DC] [Ω] [W]
V23132-A2001-A200 SPST-NO 12 37 3.9 IP54
V23132-A2001-B200 SPST-NO 12 37 3.9 IP67
V23132-B2002-A200 SPST-NO DM 24 141 4.1 IP54
V23132-B2002-B200 SPST-NO DM 24 141 4.1 IP67
V23132-E2001-A200 SPDT 12 37 3.9 IP54
V23132-E2002-A200 SPDT 24 141 4.1 IP54


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