Adjustable Step Up/Step Down DC-DC Converter Module

Adjustable Step Up/Step Down DC-DC Converter Module

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TME’s offer includes a popular DC-to-DC converter module from a well-known American manufacturer POLOLU. It is an adjustable step up/step down converter that can be supplied with voltage from 2.7V to 11.8V. The built-in potentiometer enables smooth adjustment of the output voltage from 2.5V to 8V. The device has a thermal protection. The maximum current efficiency for this module is 1A.

Manufacturer Pololu
Converter type step up/step down
Input voltage 2.7 ... 11.8V
Output voltage 2.5 ... 8V
Max. output current 1A
Efficiency 80 ... 95%
Board dimensions 11 x 17mm
Additional features thermal shutdown
Symbol Description
POLOLU-2118 Converter: step up/step down; Uin: 2.7÷11.8V; Uout: 2.5÷8V


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