Waveshare Sensor Pack

Waveshare Sensor Pack

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WAVESHARE is a well-known manufacturer of development kits and universal electronic modules. WAVESHARE Sensor Pack is a set of 13 sensors.

What’s special about WAVESHARE Sensor Packs?

  • each sensor is placed on a separate board,
  • boards are equipped with components necessary for starting up a given sensor;
  • all signals are led out to universal goldpin connections;
  • the modules enable quick use of sensors while building prototypes.

The pack includes:

  • WSH-9522 Hall sensor,
  • WSH-9537 UV sensor,
  • WSH-9534 sound sensor,
  • WSH-9531 gas sensor,
  • WSH-9520 colour sensor,
  • WSH-9524 laser sensor,
  • WSH-9523 reflective photointerrupter,
  • WSH-9525 liquid level sensor,
  • WSH-9536 tilt sensor,
  • WSH-9521 flame sensor,
  • WSH-9535 temperature and humidity sensor,
  • WSH-9527 humidity sensor,
  • WSH-9533 encoder.

Symbol Description
WSH-9467 Sensor: sensor pack; Series: Waveshare Sensor Pack


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