Tool-less plug-in connectors from AVX

Tool-less plug-in connectors from AVX

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TME’s offer includes 70-9296 series connectors from AVX. They are plug-in connectors for surface soldering. Their design enables easy insertion of a wire or a twisted strand without the need for using any tools .

Four sizes enable easy adjustment for a specific application. Their rated current ranges span from 8A (the smallest connector) up to 20A (the largest version).

The main area of application for AVX plug-in connectors is connecting sensors or power supply to PCB boards, e.g. in LED lighting solutions.

Symbol Description
709296001002006 Connector: plug-in; 70-9296; 22÷28AWG; 8A; SMT; 300V; terminals: 1
709296001003006 Connector: plug-in; 70-9296; 18÷26AWG; 12A; SMT; 300V; terminals: 1
709296001004006 Connector: plug-in; 70-9296; 12÷20AWG; 20A; SMT; 300V; terminals: 1
709296001017006 Connector: plug-in; 70-9296; 22÷26AWG; 8A; SMT; 300V; terminals: 1


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