EconoPIM™3 advanced power modules from Infineon Technologies

EconoPIM™3 advanced power modules from Infineon Technologies Technologies

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EconoPIM™3 power modules from INFINEON TECHNOLOGIES are 3-phase modules comprising:

  • 3-phase diode rectifier bridge,
  • 3-phase IGBT bridge,
  • IGBT braking chopper with a rectifier diode,
  • NTC thermistor.

The modules are characterised by:

  • low losses during switching,
  • working at high frequencies,
  • low VCEsat voltage,
  • integrated temperature sensor.

The modules are delivered in a standard EconoPIM3 industrial package for soldering. They are built on a copper base, which means that they easily remove heat.
Their primary applications are inverters, motor drivers, servo drives, etc.

Operating voltage - diode, IGBT (VCES,VRRM) : 1200V
Continuous operating current - IGBT bridge, diode bridge - (IC nom, IF) : 75A
Continuous operating current - diode/IGBT brake - (IC nom, IF) : 25A/50A
NTC thermistor resistance (R25) : 5KOhm
Symbol Description
FP75R12KT4 3-phase IGBT bridge, 3-phase diode bridge, NTC thermistor, braking chopper


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