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Schneider Electric is an international corporation specializing in power management and solutions for automation. 1936 is regarded as the beginning of the company, as in this year the Schneider brothers acquired a failing foundry Creusot. Currently, the headquarters of Schneider Electric is located in Rueil-Malmaison, France, and the company operates in over 100 countries throughout the world.

Schneider Electric focuses on developing sustainable technologies that are supposed to ensure safe, reliable, and effective management of power processes. The company tries to maintain the leadership in its industry by investing in research and successively expanding its list of registered patents. Schneider Electric cares not only about the safety and comfort of use, but also about the design of its products.

Schneider Electric offers integrated solutions in the areas of distribution of electricity, control systems and automation, as well as accessories and electric installation systems for construction and industrial automation. It also focuses on innovative solutions for residential and public buildings, e.g. lighting or heating control systems, systems facilitating access to data or optimizing communication networks.

Schneider Electric’s offer includes e.g. contactors, motor switches, time relays, monitoring relays, programmable relays, semiconductor relays, panel switches and controls, modular apparatus, temperature transducers and separators, inductive sensors, photoelectric sensors, as well as enclosures for electric installations, enclosures for modular apparatus, and button enclosures.

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