Relay: solid state; Icntrl max: 3mA; 500mA; max.60VAC; max.60VDC

TME Symbol: AQY212S
Manufacturer part number: AQY212S
Manufacturer: PANASONIC
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Additional information
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solid state
max. 60V AC, max. 60V DC
1-phase, PhotoMOS
  • Gross weight: 0.49 g
  • Manufacturer part number: AQY212S

Products that require protection against moisture are packed, together with absorbent and humidity sensor, in hermetically sealed Moisture Barrier Bags (MBB). A label with appropriately marked Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) and instructions on humidity sensitive components handling is stuck on the bag. Power LEDs in COB form factor are packed in trays or blisters, which prevent contact between sensitive surface of LED and packaging.

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Articles: AQY212S

PhotoMOS semiconductor relays from Panasonic PhotoMOS is a modern series of semiconductor relays that ensure fast connecting. Characteristic features of PhotoMOS products: linear output characteristics, low power consumption, low inner capacitance ≤1pF, minimum leakage of a few pA, stable resistance during operation, very long lifetime,... Read more »
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