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Quick Buy – Basic features

Adding a new line

Tin order to add a new item to the list, press the “add a new line” button or the “sticky note” icon. The options for entering products will re-appear on the screen.

If the next products added to Quick Buy are repeated, you should decide what to do with a given item:

  • add as a new line,
  • connect to an existing one in Quick Buy,
  • skip the item when importing to Quick Buy.


This option allows you to print the list of products in Quick Buy.

IMPORTANT! Only correctly entered products will be printed, i.e. those for which no error was displayed.

Deleting products

To remove items from the Quick Buy list, tick the check boxes next to each item and then use the “delete” button or use the “x” icon at the end of each product line.

Copying to Favourites

To copy selected products to your Favourites, tick the checkboxes next to them and then use the “copy to Favourites” button.

Then indicate the folder to which the products are to be copied.

Moving products to Favourites

The “move to Favourites” option allows you to move products from the Quick Buy list to your Favourites. To use this feature, tick the checkboxes next to the selected items, and use the “move to Favourites” button. 

Order optimizer

This feature has been created to optimize your orders. To use it, you must place an order using Quick Buy. 

To optimize your entire order, select all items and then click the “optimize” button above/below the product table.

You can also optimize a line by clicking the “optimize” link at the end of the product line.

The “Optimize” button and links only appear if the quantities given can be optimized. When you use the optimizer, the system will suggest a quantity from a higher price range, which may be more advantageous for you, for lines where the quantity is not optimal. 

The quantities by which your order for a given product will be increased will appear in brackets. The price and the net or gross value (depending on the type of customer) for the proposed quantity will also be displayed. 

In order to optimize your entire order, tick the check boxes next to the selected lines and then press the “optimize selected products” button, located above/below the product table, which will save the changes for all products.

However, clicking the “optimize the selected item” link at the end of the product line updates only that particular product.

The quantity entered by the customer will then be converted into the optimal quantity.

Prices and the net or gross value will be displayed, depending on whether the customer is a business or individual customer.

Export to a csv file

Using this feature you can export selected products to a csv file. Just tick the check boxes next to them and use the “export to a csv file” button.

IMPORTANT! Only correctly entered products will be exported, i.e. those for which no error was displayed.

Adding products to your order

When you finish entering product lines using Quick Buy, add them to your order using the “add to my order” button. All correctly entered items together with the quantities will be transferred to the order automatically, but the products entered incorrectly will remain in Quick Buy.

To complete the order, go to the shopping cart.

Product filtering

This feature allows you to quickly search for a given product using the TME symbol or the Customer symbol.

Products on offer

To use the offer, click on the link “offer applies”, select the offer to be applied and then decide whether the line from the offer should be added as a new one or replace the item currently in the Quick Buy.

Similar products

If products similar to a given product are available, this information will be displayed below a given product.

If you want to add a similar product to Quick Buy, choose one of two options:

  • replace the currently added product with a similar one,
  • add a similar product as a new line in Quick Buy.

Product availability – notification system

The system for notification of product availability is a feature that allows you to monitor fluctuating stock levels at TME.

There are two types of notifications:

  • one-time notification when stock reaches total demand
  • multiple notifications when stock increases, but not enough to satisfy your demand. This notification is sent several times until the stock reaches your total demand.

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