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Expired payments

If there are expired payments on your account, the system will inform you that it is necessary to pay your dues. If it is not done until specified deadline, placing orders will be blocked.

Information about expired payments can be seen when you are logging in.
If placing orders is blocked, the statement can be seen while you try to create a new order.

If the payments deadline is significantly exceeded, confirmed deliveries in all placed and not realized orders may be cancelled.

Information about unpaid dues is available in the panel "Outstanding invoices" . All made since January, 2011 but outstanding invoices may be seen there. Invoiced generated earlier are not available to view online. The panel consists of detailed information regarding the sum to pay in particular currency, payment deadline and umber of outstanding days.

Unpaid sales invoices with “bank transfer” as the payment method may be settled by making a bank transfer to our account.

If you have any remarks regarding  your balance seen on our website, please contact our Export Department to solve the problem.

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