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In order to process the payment via PayPal, after completing the order with the "prepayment" method, select PayPal, and then click on the “Pay” button.

A window will appear in which you should choose whether the payment should be made from your PayPal account or by a card. After confirming the transaction, the system will collect the payment sum from your card or PayPal account and transfer it to the TME PayPal account.

When using PayPal at TME, payments can be made in the following currencies:

  • PLN

  • EUR

  • USD

  • GBP

  • SEK

  • DKK

PayPal system displays the types of cards that are accepted in a given country. In most cases, PayPal payments are made using MasterCard and Visa cards.

PayPal has set payment limits for customers who do not have a PayPal account. These limits have been set to ensure the security of the system by verifying the information provided by the users of PayPal accounts.

Higher value transactions require a verified PayPal account. In order to obtain the verification, you need to register and log in to the PayPal website and then click on the "Unverified" link in the "My account - description" tab”.

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